We are Chestnote

We’re a growing company powered by eight skilled believers, always digging deeper to enhance your Chestnote experience with new and improved features. We believe contextual messaging is the new black, and we’re excited to explore its potential together! Our mission? Making the world a happier place by contributing to your life and legacy. On our cross-generational platform, we let your voice be heard… unlimited by time and space. 

Meet our Chestnote family!


Founding father and entrepreneur at heart. Believer of endless possibilities who breathes Chestnote. Involved with every step of our journey, keeping the gang in check on a daily basis. Ready to get down to business? He’s your man.


Founding father and pater familias of our Chestnote crew. Passionate evangelist on a 24/7 mission, convincing the world contextual messaging is here to stay. Want to discover if Chestnote is right for you? He’s the one to call.


Our technical mastermind. First-class problem solver who tackles everything from bugs to improved features. If we don’t have the answer, luckily he does. 


Our product manager a.k.a. genius. Tech-savvy multitasker who juggles his bundle of tasks all the way from LA. Always two steps ahead and driven to improve every single detail behind the scenes, so Chestnote can top the app world.


Our product and UX designer expert. In-house artist playing with digital tools like Leonardo da Vinci did with his paint brushes. At his desk in sunny Turin, he brings our app designs to the next level. 


First lady of our family. Content queen in charge of our marketing and communications. Committed to pouring all our Chestnote awesomeness into the right words. 


Developer and iOS pro. Tech enthusiast who thrives on building stuff from scratch. His inquisitive nature and our bustling company culture are a match made in start-up heaven. 


Developer and Android wizard. High-tech talent implementing his hands-on experience to perform magic behind his laptop. Digs into the root of complicated issues and fixes them in no time. 


Our growth strategy intern. Dedicated student who eats data for breakfast. He believes in learning and is as focused as they come. He's making sure our growth models are up to date at all times. 

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